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PUBG Mobile KR: How to Download and Install Korean Version on Android

  1. For those who want to try the free items in the Korean version of PUBG Mobile, here is a guide.
  2. This version is approximately 1.9 GB in size and will require around 4 GB of free storage space.

PUBG Mobile KR or the Korean version is mainly known for its huge collection of skins, outfits and outfits, which stand out from the global version. This version often offers rare skins and costumes for free to players, keeping them satisfied.

These items are usually available at a high cost in the global version of PUBG Mobile and require UC cash purchase. However, paying for virtual currency is not a viable option for everyone. So they are looking for other ways to get free items in the game.

For these players, the Korean version of PUBG Mobile is the best as they can try out premium weapon skins and outfits at no cost. Therefore, we have included a basic guide that explains the steps to download and install this version.

Steps to download and install the Korean version of PUBG Mobile (KR) on Android:

  1. Visit https://pubg-mobile-kr.en.uptodown.com/android/download and download the PUBG Mobile KR XAPK file.
  2.  Change the extension of the downloaded file from .XApk to .Zip by renaming it.
  3. Extract the APK and OBB files into the folder.
  4. Install the PUBG Mobile KR APK file.
  5. Create a folder in Android / OBB and rename it pubg.krmobile.com.
  6. Copy and paste the OBB files into this folder.
  7. Open the Korean PUBG Mobile app and enjoy the game.
The total download size is around 1.9 GB and approximately 4 GB of free storage will be required to store the game files.

The KR version is only available on the Google Play Store in Korea and Japan, not in any other region. The KR version also contains a different currency, known as the Donkatsu Medal, which can be used to open exclusive chests.

In addition to the free legendary weapon skins, players can also play with their friends from the global version of the Korean version.
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