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7000 UC Free on PUBG Mobile - Limited Time Offer!


1. Free UC in PUBG Mobile:

The first trick here is to download some of the more expensive mobile apps that can pay you more money for every referral you make.

To download applications, click here on the download link. This link will help you download and test the real appeal so you know that this really works.

It has top 5 apps that can give you tons of referrals if you download them - sign up and share them with your friends.

How to get free UC by coming back and winning apps?

  • When you download this app and subscribe, you get a sign-up bonus in your app's wallet.
  •  Then you will find other steps to earn money within this application.
  • One of the tricks is to recommend the application to your friend and get the referral amount on each subscription.
  • All of these apps support the PayTM withdrawal system, so you can collect all your money in one place.
  • The more you participate, the more you earn. This earned money can be used to get free UC on PUBG Mobile.

2. Prime Pass and Win UC Trick:

In the first hack, we won some cash to get PUBG Mobile UC, and now you have the money that you can get Prime Pass or Royale Pass. The Prime Pass is a limited-time, monthly billing pass where you can earn a fixed amount of UC for each day you log in.

3. Gift sharing trick:

This somehow hurts the ego or the luck factor for some of us, I said it because I feel so bad that every time I share, I fail !! Very sad! I know, but I continue to participate in the majority of UCS donations.

You will get the PUBG UC Mobile Freebies on Youtube - Those who have a PUBG Mobile channel give a UC measure to their regular audience with Lucky Draw.

How to get free UC from PUBG Mobile Giveaways?

  • Find Youtube channels that have a free UC giveaway on their channel.
  •  Learn the homework and rules for sharing the gift.
  • Most of them are comment pickers, so use some nice words with the PUBG id in the comment. Do this for each video
  • Then watch his next video and see if you are the lucky winner or not.
  • Also, join Discord and Instagram if you call them.

4. Cheat Challenge Bonus Game:

You won around 2000 UC by playing PUBG Mobile Bonus Challenge and this is how you can do it. The PUBG Mobile Bonus Challenge allows you to earn some Battle Coins that can be converted to UC at an exchange rate of 100UC = 1000BC.

How to play the bonus challenge and win 2000UC?

To play the Reward Challenge, you need the Reward Challenge coupon available at PUBG Mobile events now. I recently collected a total of 4 entry cards that will allow me to enter and join the rewards challenge.

Don't worry if you run out of these coupons, you can buy them by spending some Battle Coins or UC.

1 bonus coupon per challenge = 10 CU or 100 AC (Battle Coins)

There are daily challenges with different levels and types, as you can choose any room based on the difficulty and size of the Solo, Duo and Squad team.

How do I get 4 free Challenge vouchers?

There is an event in the Recommended Events section of PUBG Mobile, and there I get 1 additional challenge every week. (This may be a limited time event, so please review the following steps)
  • Go to PUBG Mobile Event and then click Recommended
  •  Check the weekly report and then click Go
  • Then you will be taken to a full scroll page down and you will see some bonuses.
  • Click on collect and collect the rewards there, and you will get an additional Challenge Coupon every week.

5. Trick No to play live tournaments online:

Live Streaming Tournament apps are used by game broadcasters and you can join some dedicated rooms for free / paid fees and play as Bonus Challenge on PUBG Mobile.

For example, the Rheo app that you can download from the Playstore has 4.5 stars and almost 1 million downloads.

What is Rheo?

Rheo is an Indian live streaming platform. Here, players can interact with any streaming device, play in custom rooms, share their gifts, and win free UC on PUBG Mobile.

You can earn some Reho coins and cards that can be used to redeem with PUBG Mobile UC. But use it as an additional clue, because this trick takes time.
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